Bird and Wildlife Photography Equipment: Lenses, cameras, teleconverters, tripods, monopods

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28 Responses to Bird and Wildlife Photography Equipment: Lenses, cameras, teleconverters, tripods, monopods

  1. Tony Northrup says:

    +nikanj A 2X teleconverter on your 70-200 f/2.8 will give you the best
    images of faraway subjects.

  2. Eric Bertoldo says:

    Great video guys, Thank so much. And thanks for your honesty when you talk
    about cropping and also how hard it is to track birds. As a rookie it is
    great to hear that professionals struggle also with these issues. I feel
    somewhat normal now, thanks for the great advice….. going to go buy your
    book now. And like your FB pages.

  3. mbplove says:

    She is just so beautiful.

  4. Technologyadvisor1 says:

    hello I need your advise teleconverters quality of brands do they matter
    for example cannon/sigma 1.4x I just bought a kenko 1.4 pro300 from ebay
    sould I send it back will it be up to scratch????? I am looking at getting
    a tokina 300 f4 or cannon 300 f4 or 400 f5.6. what would you suggest ? is
    the quality of teleconverters a big issue? and if so which ones do you
    suggest I just ordered the kenko one should I send it back.???????????????

  5. HoustonPublisher says:

    Girl is gorgeous and just look at that 1,184,929 views and probably maybe 4
    for watched it for the photography! Just kidding but yeah lol

  6. HäMžą ř¥£X says:

    What abou canon 70D ??
    But what i love in this video is the girl.. She is beautiful :* <3 <3

  7. RAFFY VLOGetc. says:

    Holding a Bazooka that can capture things.

  8. fredbrackely says:

    @ 13:19 the 5d mk3 has a plastic lens mount?? 

  9. Kaden Moss says:

    Chris’ audio was terrible. Great video besides that.

  10. Rob Rivera says:

    I just wanted to thank you for this video. I absolutely utilized several
    suggestions on a recent photo expedition in Wyoming. Images avail at

  11. Francês says:

    1:10 look the face of the guy in the middle, thinks like “OHHH, your dick
    is bigger.” 

  12. Jadri Lo says:

    I have to say i love the way you all are so down to earth. It almost seems
    anybody can approach you all to ask questions or to simply ask if one can
    hang out with you folks to just watch and learn. Like the fact you have all
    shared your experiences (good and bad ones) that yall havr learned through
    the years. Thanks so much for all the info. Its REALLY helpful. Its funny
    to hear you all talk about the tripods/monopods. I have a nikon ed is 300mm
    not af. And i have to shoot it in manual mode. Its driving me bonkers to
    figure out what iso and shutter speeds i should be using when shooting a
    bird in action or sitting on a tree under the shade. Watching this video
    has now made me want to sell my lens and buy a 300mm af lens. Just too much
    of a hassle with the one i have. Anywhoodles, thank you all for this video

  13. T wrist N says:

    I’m 100% not a source for wildlife photography (mostly because I’m a street
    photographer), so please don’t crucify me in the comments.
    I have a question or maybe it’s just an opinion. The camo seems a little
    silly to me. I mean I’m sure for some cases it can help quite a bit but
    does it really work? I’m sure the animal knows you’re there anyhow. Lovely
    photos! Keep up the good work. :)

  14. sharpEAGLES says:

    I watched the whole video just because of Chelsea. Who gives a damn about
    photo-nerds talking about lenses

  15. Max McKay says:

    I use a 70d with a 70-200 f4. Would you recommend buying a 300mm or a 400mm
    or just use a teleconverter?

  16. Mark Meister says:

    Oh Hello Chelsea

  17. david elliott says:

    Good video, I was interested to hear you comment regarding the Canon
    100-400 and sharpness. I hear there is a new model coming soon so maybe
    they have improved the performance ? I like the sound of the 400mm Prime
    but not the price :-(

  18. getsmarthypnosis says:

    Your arguments in favor of the prime 400mm seem logical, but all three of
    you have the same exact problem, trying to find your subject quickly. That
    is the point of a zoom lens, at least for me. I use the 100mm to quickly
    find my subject, then rush the zoom for my shot.

  19. Subah AL-Rashed says:

    Tony&Chelsea while they were TORTURING Kristofer
    ” watch his poor eyes lol”

  20. Liam Dùghlas says:

    The 1D Mark II is like 8 years old and does 8.5 fps and the 1Dx does 14 fps
    so your 7D is NOT the fastest Canon at fps

  21. Marcelo Rojas says:

    Hi Tony, I always wandered, if I want to get a sharp picture of a flying
    bird, wich focus mode should I use? autofocus?

  22. prashanth raju says:

    Camo gets u 2 stops closer to the birds I guess

  23. ONEILLOPS says:

    I want to hear more from Chelsie.

  24. techmaniac1991 says:

    Hey Tony, I just got my first DSLR the Nikon d3200. Do you do
    astrophotography ? I bought another lens, the Nikkor 50 mm f1.8g. I heard
    that it was a good lens to let in as much light as possible for doing long
    exposures of the stars. Great video, and those pictures looked gorgeous.
    Also could you recommend a decent zoom lens with sharp quality for the
    Nikon d3200, I would love to try get some nice wildlife shots too. Nothing
    too crazy in price lol, a good beginners you could say.

  25. Scott Murphy says:

    That Canon 500 f/4 is STILL a lightweight compared to the 600mm f/4 ED IF
    AIS Nikkor that is my go to lens for wildlife photography. With the hood it
    tops the scales at over 14 pounds but it is built to a standard which is
    rarely seen today on most lenses. Add another half pound or so with the
    Nikon TC-300. A tripod is almost essential however a monopod works quite
    well and is far more portable. I have had just the opposite experience with
    monopods. I find them very easy to use, especially if you are sitting down,
    which I do on a lot of my work and you simply cannot go without one using
    the lens and teleconverter.

    An interesting gizmo that is available that mounts a piciatinny rail to the
    camera’s hotshoe. You can get an inexpensive red dot scope and mount it to
    the camera. It is ideal for sighting in a distant object.

  26. Sijo Joy says:

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  27. Jadon Wilder says:

    Nice Collections

  28. alshatti1972 says:

    web site ????

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