How to Make Your Own Home Fitness Equipment ( Sandbag )

33 Learn how to make your own home fitness equipment in minutes. In this new series of videos we are going to show you how you can…

Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus discuss the benefit of unconventional fitness equipment like kettlebells, the mentality to have, and how to get motivated.
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50 Responses to How to Make Your Own Home Fitness Equipment ( Sandbag )

  1. 十六夜猫又 says:

    [YouTube Clips]

    How to Make Your Own Home Fitness Equipment ( Sandbag )


  2. dolche mustard says:

    what accent is this?

  3. uzzie88 says:

    This was really helpful.

    Can you do a video on making a home made weighted vest? but not using a
    rucksack, as all the weight is at the back.

  4. Nicolas V says:

    Did this actually become a series? Or was it just a one time video? Can’t
    seem to find the rest.. if there is any

  5. Abdulla Alkaabi says:

    Great one

  6. Elliott Davis says:

    Good job

  7. Hiren Khant says:

    I think the straps would torn up very soon though…

  8. J.C.C A.O.L says:

    Very Helpful!!!

  9. fruitfast777 says:

    Good job Peter. Very smart, practical and approachable. A++++++

  10. Elane Horhi says:

    Cool. I bet that bag makes a great pillow toos.

  11. Sailor Taurus says:

    Super idea! Ive been wanting a sand bag for the longest but they are way
    too expensive. Can you do other videos like this? Pick more of the BodyRock
    equipment please!

  12. Mark Stewart says:

    I hadn’t thought about using the small grocery bags to vary the weight in
    the bigger bag. Great idea. Thank you.

  13. Zulficar hamid says:

    Hi ya all doing

  14. Alma Irizarry says:

    This video is great, I will surely save me money on buying a sandbag.
    Could you please make a video on how to make a Sandbell? Thank you!

  15. M.P. Rey says:

    Great Video!!! Making me a FitBag today!!!

  16. Ruvim Khom says:

    Can you use dirt instead of gravel?

  17. Akintayo Olugbenga Adewale says:

    Thank you for this video. You have got some useful information on your
    channel. You have just won a follower. :)

  18. Bob Evans says:

    I like the Fit Bag – Good idea such a tool around. Keep showing us more
    stuff like that..

  19. Simon Cohen says:

    Excellent Video
    I will be very happy to try this out.
    The best tip is to stuff the empty bag with shopping bags after the
    weighted bags are in to get the sandbag nice and tight.
    Great stuff. Keep it up

  20. AudioHolicRecords says:

    South African?

  21. gandj19 says:

    get a lot of carrier bags pff dont. Ive got thousands.

  22. Norma Padro says:

    Hello. I like your video. It’s very informative. I subscribed to your
    channel. It’s always a good idea to be reminded of many exercises. Have a
    great day.

  23. Christopher Wortham says:

    I want to see more of these, they are really helpful. A lot of us can not
    afford heavy dumbbells.

  24. Christopher Wortham says:


  25. MegaLolototo says:

    Yes, I enjoyed this one. I will enjoy more if you could tell me how to make
    a Punching bag at home. ;)

  26. Michael James says:

    is it true that joe rogan and eddie bravo are married?

  27. Lee Stanford says:

    Joe does his cleans way different than anyone else I’ve seen, including me.
    Is this due to the shape of his body or range of motion in his arms? He
    seems to hold the cleans high up, rather than “racking” them against his
    body. Any intelligent thoughts?

  28. Neil Richardson says:

    isnt that rough on the wrist though?

  29. theModernsculptor says:

    the only thing about kettle bells is i’d be nervous to drop one on my foot 

  30. David Harding says:

    Thanks for the video. Just watching it gave me motivation to get my shit
    together. Also, I know we all probably look funny while working out, but
    Joe’s face while doing so is fucking PRICELESS!

  31. drago884 says:

    Joe Rogan doesn’t fuck around.

  32. john carver says:

    great workout after stuffing your face at the OLIVEGARDEN

  33. George Ou says:

    Working out in front of hot chicks is usually the best motivation.

  34. benji ben says:

    No hespect, Joe Hogan.

  35. ZnApPy says:

    I did this today Joe Hogan. And it was very good, I’ll stick with it.

  36. zihuetlachtli says:

    I’m fucking dying for a Gorilla kettlebell. but I live in germany… FUCK!!!
    keep the good work

  37. Tyler Durden says:

    Rogan… You’re a fuckin animal, bro. 

  38. Damien Edwards says:

    I just bought one kettle bell from Onnit, now this video says I need two.

  39. smith joe says:

    “All the way from 12th Century in Persia these warriors and wrestlers
    learned that if they used something heavier then something they already
    used in battle….” Something I learned in little league from swinging my
    bat with a “doughnut” in the “on deck circle”.

  40. T. Rolling says:

    Rogan got that UFC stare locked in on Aubery in the beginning. LOL

  41. michael madsen says:

    excellent segment joe and aubrey. keep up the good work! we all need to be
    educated to progress. ty

  42. Dieamond says:

    The mace is also really good if you got beef with your neighbors XDDD lol

  43. prenmp says:

    its like gandalf and frodo

  44. Chazz Moldoon says:

    Joe Rogan has a mean battle face!!!! LOL

  45. Blasphemere Crucible says:

    I tested out Joe’s statement by doing six sets in 30 second intervals….
    I’ve been sore for two day straight so far.. so yeah I’m dead

  46. tricepsish says:

    Joe Rogan is a fucking beast…. Former national level bb in taekwondo,
    black blet in bjj under Machado, black belt in 10th planet under Bravo…
    and a great commentator and personality.

  47. TarquinnBlackwood1 says:

    That workout will take the DeNiro out of you

  48. dewdrummer says:

    Joes technique is garbage. He could be doing this in a much safer and more
    efficient way.

  49. Wizzykin says:

    I’m an out of shape fuck and I went and got the 16lb Howler. I love the
    thing. I’m looking forward to getting into better shape so I can grab the
    chimp; thing looks bad ass.

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