Plastics Shredding: Sports Equipment #2 (D)

Plastics Shredding: Sports Equipment #2 (D)

Watch this updated Widescreen video edit of SSI’s Dual-Shear shredding used sporting equipment. Watch more SSI videos online at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

4 Responses to Plastics Shredding: Sports Equipment #2 (D)

  1. red66chevelle says:

    Unusable helmets should be donated to Fire and EMT organizations. They use
    them for emergency helmet removal training.

  2. Nighthawke70 says:

    @dazxy2001 Most likely, or delaminated due to a variety or reasons.

  3. noediebroedie says:

    dat sound

  4. dazxy2001 says:

    could be factory rejects ?

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