Sports Equipment Store UK

Wheways Sports have a heritage of Sports Retailing in Jersey Channel Islands since 1912. During this time we have always ealt with technical sport equipment …
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After leaving the gym me and my homie “O” decided to do a little Christmas sale shopping at the local sporting goods store. SUBSCRIBE..SUBSCRIBE..SUBSCRIBE M…
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10 Responses to Sports Equipment Store UK

  1. GirlsLiftToo says:

    What preworkout are you on? Hyped as hell when the video started. 

  2. Corey Perkins says:

    That intro bro..too funny

  3. ptl647 says:

    thats the shit i dont like lollll

  4. Anis Hasan says:

    Yo Jorrel do more day of eating vids man,really enjoy those kind of
    vids,sure the rest of the people do too!

  5. Alejandro Sosa says:

    Can you make 1 video of fitness equipment from Walmart ?

  6. Justin Guinn says:

    It was prolly Obama they call flip flopped no wait that was dumbass my bad

  7. Ricky Lopez says:

    Good video bro 

  8. Harry WH says:

    Great video! You guys in America have it good man. Everything so

  9. Brian Nielson says:

    I’m going to have to write another letter to Santa!

  10. stoovidular says:

    T2G nation up in this bitch

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