What is Catcher Equipment?

What is catcher’s equipment is a frequently asked question in our sports store. We are here to help you understand the different components of catchers gear,…
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4 Responses to What is Catcher Equipment?

  1. Gloves n such says:

    Okay, I think I know a fair share about gear, and I’ve been catching about
    3 years, except I need help with my chest protector. I am looking at chest
    protectors and was wondering if mine is to small, it goes to about a couple
    inches above my waist should I get a bigger one?

  2. Chaz Rau says:

    I like the video

  3. Julia UjENA says:

    Cool ill look into it i need some new stuff for travel ball

  4. varietymaster101 says:

    like the vid

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